Little White Lies

  • Apr. 25th, 2009 at 2:51 PM
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Vala's memory has been slowly coming back for a few days now, to the point where it's almost completely returned. Not that you'd know though; Vala's quite happy living at Daniel's house because her mental state has left her so 'vulnerable' and she intends to make it last as long as possible. So, we have a Vala, pretending to have lost her memory still, but actually remembers everything, from who she is to who Daniel is, well the whole shebang really. It's a foolproof plan, he'll continue to want to keep her close by, until her staying there becomes so routine, he won't think twice about changing anything when her memory does return.

So, memory loss considered, everything at Taxon has to remain largely unbelievable. Because she hasn't ever travelled off Earth, or met anyone or any species with powers or anything else unearthly for that matter, and yes well... We'll see how well she keeps up the façade.

After rearranging Daniel's notes pinned to the fridge for the umpteenth time, because seriously - anyone'd think he'd used a protractor - and bored with going through the files on his computer (how easy was that password to crack?), she opens the tablet up and addresses Taxon at large.

"So, I've spoken to an angel of the Lord apparently, I'm not even from Earth and I'm accustomed to inter-planetary travel. Anyone else want to regale me with their X-Files worthy stories? We might as well be up-front about the absurdity of it all."

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Vala Mal Doran
"Look, I know she's no angel. She's lied, she's stolen, she's cheated, she's misrepresented herself, she's… lied."
~ Dr. Daniel Jackson

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