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Character Survey

  • May. 5th, 2009 at 1:46 PM
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Name: Vala Mal Doran
Nicknames: None really, unless you include past pseudonyms - Valerie Todad and Sister Vesina, plus a few more probably.
Age: 36
Birthday/Starsign: 10th April - Aries

Eyesight/Hearing: 20/20 - Selective Hearing
Abilities/Skills: Naquadah in her bloodstream gives her the ability to use Goa'uld technology (including a healing device) and decipher alien technology & languages. Trained combatant, markswoman, martial arts, accomplished pilot, pick locks, bypass a lot of security systems.
Physical Health: Athletic, works out, very fit.
IQ (approximate is fine): 145ish
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert
Phobias/Fears: Apart from an innate fear of expressing her true emotions or vulnerability - nope.
Mental Health: A little bit unstable, pathological liar (she's working on it- she swears), fairly traumatic history not helping with the stability/emotional wreck under the front.

Goals/Dreams: Daniel Jackson, to be part of SG-1 proper, Daniel Jackson and Daniel Jackson. To belong somewhere
Likes: Daniel Jackson, Shopping, Shiny Things, Getting her own way.
Dislikes: Authority, the Ori, the Goa'uld - they're givens though.
Humour: Innuendo and dry wit.
First Impression: Confident, humorous, flirty, tends to say things like they are, or are blatant lies.
Innocent or guilty: Both? ...Okay, guilty with a side order of innocence thrown in that she doesn't think is there.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115lb (although in canon - a police sheet on her says 105 :/)
Eyes: Bluey Green/Grey
Hair: Black, often in pigtails - usually a sparkly hairgrip or a silk flower or something.
Build: Athletic/Slim/Toned(think Linda Hamilton - Terminator 2)
Defining Marks, scars, etc: Small scar on her neck where the Goa'uld entered and was removed.
Dress Style: Unless she's in SG uniform, alternates between sassy/sexy and cute/sexy if she's wearing Earth clothes, her own clothes tend to be leather and overtly sexual.
Speech: Wide vocab, quite deep/British sounding. Vala at her best :)

Marital Status: Technically married, but it doesn't really count, or the marriages before that either...
Sexual Preference: Daniel Jackson - What? It's a valid preference!
Sex before marriage: Hell yes.
Casual sex?: Absolutely.
Relationships: Nothing of note or lasting (officially married to Tomin still - but that was more a 'save her ass' marriage to avoid being burned alive.)
General: Earth dating rituals are still new to her, she's pretty much used her sexuality all her life to achieve other goals, never having had a meaningful relationship. She'd like one though.

Friend: Daniel & then Teal'c/Sam/Mitchell
Book: Something short and to the point.
TV Show/Movie/Play: One Life to Live, the X-files, Wizard of Oz
Colour: Black.
Drink: Martinis.
Food: Pancakes, and double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream
Thing to do: Spend/shop/party.

Least Favourites
Person: Ba'al
Book: All of them?
TV Show/Movie: Current Affairs programmes, needless gore - that's not entertainment.
Colour: Pink.
Drink: Diet anything.
Food: Brussel Sprouts (she's such a child)
Thing To Do: Paperwork, burning alive.


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